Math Cheat Sheet

Students everywhere struggle with math on a daily basis.  As teachers, we're always looking for new tools and resources to make the lessons memorable. As parents, we're constantly searching for ways to stay on top of our children's education. 

That's why we created an easy-to-use math cheat sheet. This educational resource clearly explains key concepts in a simple and memorable way.  Below are important math skills children need to learn as they progress from Kindergarten through 6th grade.

For each grade level we've highlighted the building blocks of math and depicted them in a visually stunning way.  From shapes to measurement to multiplication to fractions, we've got you covered!  We've even used mnemonic devices like "King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk."  

Our goal is to make learning enjoyable through dynamic content and fun math games.  This math infographic is brought to you by Math Game Time and Math Chimp.

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