3 Ways Kids Learn Math

Is your child intimidated by math? Are you intimidated by having to help your child with math? Basic math skills help us manage time and money, understand patterns, solve problems and make key decisions. Yet many children struggle with math. … Continue reading

IXL Review

We know parents and teachers are busy.  2 teachers in conjunction with a marriage and family therapist reviewed IXL to help parents and teachers understand its benefits. Whether students are right-brained or left-brained learners, IXL is designed to meet their mathematical … Continue reading

Top Math Game Websites for Kids

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Homeschooling Ideas for Kids and Parents

Regardless of your child’s age, you can always make learning fun, engaging and enjoyable.  Summer is a great time for your child to brush up on core concepts or get ahead on future curriculum. Homeschooling math can be a challenge, … Continue reading

Summer Math Games

Summer is the perfect time to practice and brush up on math concepts. It’s important to keep your child engaged and motivated with learning even when school is not in session. The summertime means there are so many ways to … Continue reading

Money Games for Kids

There’s a million ways to learn about money, and every child should know how to recognize different coins, add coins to find the total, and use them correctly in real world situations. To get started introducing your child to money, … Continue reading

Top 20 Teacher Blogs

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Tips for 5th Grade Success

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10 Homeschool Math Activities

Parents who homeschool their children have the special benefit of being able to teach a wide variety of subjects in a myriad of ways and at your child’s pace. Children are able to learn in the natural environment of a … Continue reading

Top 25 Teachers & Educators on Twitter

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