9 Games to Teach Multiplication in Third Grade

9 Games to Teach Multiplication in Third GradeWhile rote learning and memorization are generally frowned upon in today’s world of math education, when it comes to helping kids learn multiplication, sometimes those repetitive practice methods are exactly what’s needed.  Taking timed multiplication quizzes and playing multiplication games can help kids get the facts down and help them become more confident when they move on to more challenging concepts. If you’re looking for games to help kids learn multiplication, check out some of the options below. All of the games focus on basic times tables from 1-12.

1. Math Workout
For a very basic math practice game, try Math Workout. In this game, kids can test their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills together or in isolation. To play the game, kids simply try to answer as many multiplication problems as possible in the given time period.

Math Workout Third Grade Multiplication

2. Skater Math
If kids like skateboarding, they’ll enjoy Skater Math. In this game, kids must answer multiplication problems to help the skateboarder get across obstacles. Answer a problem incorrectly or take too long and he’ll fall off his board, ending the game. Answer problems correctly and kids will get to see lots of fun effects, such as a flaming skateboarder.

3. Feed Fribbit Multiplication
Fribbit the Frog is hungry. To feed him, kids must collect flies that feature the numbers needed to solve the multiplication problems. Choose an incorrect number and Fribbit will share the correct answer with them. The game has two levels: easy and pro. It’s also a featured third grade game on Math Chimp.

4. Grand Prix Multiplication
Grand Prix Multiplication is one of Math Game Time’s featured math games for kids because it’s a lot of fun and it gives kids a chance to practice their multiplication skills. In this multi-player game, kids get to drive a race car. To get their car to the finish line they must answer a series of multiplication problems quickly and accurately. At the end of the game kids can see their rate and accuracy.

5. Meteor Multiplication
Oh no! Meteors are heading towards the spacecraft! Kids must use their multiplication skills to keep the meteors from crashing into it. Each meteor displays a multiplication problem and the spacecraft displays a product. Shoot the product at the correct meteor to destroy it.

6. Multiplication Game
Multiplication Game from Hooda Math allows kids to play against the computer or against another player. This game, which is one of Math Chimp’s featured third game math games, can seem a little tricky at first. Each player moves the arrows along the bottom to create a multiplication problem. The product is then highlighted on the board. The goal is to have the most squares highlighted at the end of the game.

7. Tug Team Tractor Multiplication
What do you get when you combine multiplication skills, tug of war, and tractors? Tug Team Tractor Multiplication. In this multi-player game, teams work together to pull the other team of tractors over the line. It’s their multiplication skills that give them strength. The faster and more accurately they answer questions, the more likely they are to experience success.

8. Space Race Multiplication
Another multi-player game, Space Race Multiplication, pits kids against one another as they race to be the first spaceship to cross the finish line. If kids answer a problem incorrectly, they lose a bit of speed, but they’re also shown the correct answer to help them improve their skills as they play.

9. Pumpkin Multiples
Pumpkin Multiples may have a spooky theme, but it’s great for helping boost third grade multiplication skills year round. Kids select a target number and then must catch multiples of that number as they fall. It’s the perfect game to help kids practice more specific multiplication skills. It’s also a featured third game math game on Math Chimp.

What are some of your favorite third game multiplication games? Share them in the comments!


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