20 Math Boards & Pinners to Follow on Pinterest

20 Math Pinners and Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a teacher’s new best friend. While you can search for nearly any math skill or topic and find a wealth of ideas, you can also get inspiration by following the right pinners and boards. Rather than only finding ideas for the current lesson you’re teaching, you can fill your main Pinterest feed with ideas to save for the future, articles you want to read, and other cool resources that teachers around the country have found to help enhance math education. Not only do these awesome pinners and board pin a lot, they also pin high-quality, creative math resources.

Math Pinners

Nearly everything these pinners post is centered around math or education, making almost all of their boards relevant to the math classroom.

21st Century Math Projects

21st Century Math Projects focuses on pinning modern math projects to help relate to students’ current interests. For example, you may find CSI-style lessons or lessons related to the Oscars and other Hollywood events. Most resources are geared towards the middle and high school levels, with some math funnies and freebies geared towards all math teachers.


Math-U-See is a homeschool math curriculum company that incorporates videos and manipulative into its lessons. Many of the pins support and reference the Math-U-See curriculum. You’ll also find boards that give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Math-U-See offices and kids creations made with Math-U-See products.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time is always on the lookout for high-quality free math games, videos, and worksheets to add to its own site and, in the process, shares a lot of those resources through Pinterest. Check out boards organized by grade-level, topic, and resource type to find all of the resources you need for the classroom.

Natural Math

Natural Math focuses on helping kids learn math through more natural, life-centered methods. Check out boards on how to naturally learn math through cooking and other chores, while outdoors and on the playground, and in other fun ways. You’ll also find some math metaphors and puns. Who doesn’t love a good math pun?

Math Coach’s Corner

Math Coach’s Corner offers nearly 8,000 pins and counting to help elementary math teachers and with nearly 18,000 followers, the pins must be good. Pins are organized by grade-level and activity type. For example, you’ll find boards focused on math centers, apps, and Common Core focused worksheets. There are also plenty of professional resources for teachers, such as a board solely focused on books for math teachers and one on #TrendinginMath.

Scaffolded Math and Science

Scaffolded Math and Science is put together by a TeachersPayTeachers seller and focuses on nearly every grade-level. While a lot of the boards promote the seller’s TPT resources, there are also boards on foldables, interactive math notebooks, and consumer math.

Math Salamanders

Math Salamanders is focused on providing free math resources and help for kindergarten through fifth grade. Nearly all of the boards and pins are focused on more traditional math worksheets and worksheet-based math games.


Multiplcation.com offers more than just multiplication-related boards and pins. While there are boards for multiplication games, quizzes, and learning tools, teachers can also find boards for math printables, manipulatives, and tricks. There more general boards with ideas for classroom displays and organization.

Kim @ Arithmetic Village

Kim @ Arithmetic Village focuses on creative and fun math activities. She has created boards designed to inspire kids through math. Many of the pins also support the Arithmetic Village books and lesson plans.

Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math has themed boards with math activities. You’ll find bedtime math problems, pirate-themed math activities, splashy math, edible math, and much more. Most of the resources focus on early elementary school, but boards cover activities through fifth grade.

Math Boards

While math pinners focus solely on math, other educators and education companies have created specific boards to focus on math. These are the boards with some of the most creative and innovative pins and many of them allow multiple contributors.

Cool Math Stuff!!

Cool Math Stuff!! Is sponsored by Math File Folder Games and has over 25,000 pins and 400 contributors. If the two exclamation points weren’t enough to describe how awesome the content is, a look at the pins will do it. It is chockfull of lesson plans, math tricks, and other fun teaching ideas.

Do the Math

Do the Math from K12 pins more traditional worksheets, manipulatives, and other general math activities related to K12 math. Following the board will also mean you’ll be the first to see some of the cool math games coming from K12.

Top Teaching: Math

Top Teaching: Math from Scholastic focuses on providing teachers with creative math activities to incorporate in their classrooms. Rather than focusing on specific skills, the pins tend to be more general and feature activities that teachers can adapt to a variety of grade-levels. They also pin experiences from fellow math teachers.

Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Math is a collaborative board with more than 8,000 pins and over 150 collaborators sharing ideas focused solely on kindergarten math. Most of the pins are related to free printables, but you’ll also find a few crafts and other cool ideas.


Math from Sandra Muncy has nearly 2,000 pins focused on many different areas of math education. There are cool math videos, printables, and even a bit of math humor mixed in. It’s the board for people who aren’t looking for something specific, but just want to see some of the latest cool math resources online.

Math is Fun

Math is Fun is sponsored by No Flashcards and only features the most creative, hands-on math activities for elementary-age students.  You’ll find activities designed to get kids moving and playing while learning about math.

Math & Geometry – Global Ideas

Math & Geometry – Global Ideas is a collaborative board with nearly 50 collaborators. All items pinned must be free and focus on teaching math to kids from toddlers through first grade. There are free printables, combined with fun crafts to help kids learn math.

Math Classroom Ideas

Math Classroom Ideas from the Organized Classroom offers lots of different tricks and activities to bring into the math classroom. Rather than loads of printables and videos, you’ll find lots of hands-on activities and strategies to use with kids to help make math more exciting.

TPT Math Lessons

TPT Math Lessons is a collaborative board that helps you stay on top of the latest math lessons available from TeachersPayTeachers.com. You’ll find a lot of free printables and begin to connect with other math teachers who have created their own boards with cool resources. The board itself has over 1,000 collaborators and nearly 100,000 pins, making it a huge collection of resources.


Math, from ABCMouse.com, is focused on hands-on math activities teachers and parents can use with kids in preschool and elementary school. While not heavy on pins, the board focuses on pinning the best of the best and the activities that will really make kids enjoy math.

If you have your own Pinterest boards focused on math or some of your own favorites to follow, let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new videos, games, worksheets, and other free math resources.

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