Popular Algebra Games

Algebra involves using math to help solve equations and find the value of variables. For kids to master algebra, they must have the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division down pat. They must also confidently work with fractions, ratios, decimals, and both positive and negative integers. The most popular algebra games help reinforce some of the more basic algebra skills so that kids can gain confidence in their skills and tackle more complex equations with ease.

Swimming Otters


Swimming Otters takes variable expressions (ex. 1x?=4) and adds colorful otters. As they swim through the water, kids must solve the variable expressions. Correct answers propel their otters forward, leaving other otters in the dust. While kids can play the game on their own, they also have the option to play against up to three other kids, adding a bit of competition to motivate them. At the end of the game, kids see their accuracy and the questions they missed so they know what to practice before playing again.

For more otter fun, try Otter Rush, the same style of game where kids work with exponents instead of just variable expressions.

Ratio Stadium


Ratio Stadium focuses on comparing ratios. As kids become comfortable comparing ratios with all of their numbers, they’ll be better able to compare ratios when one of the numbers is replaced with a variable as part of an expression or complex equation. In this particular game, kids race dirt bikes while selecting the correct ratio. They can race against the computer or up to three other players.

For more ratio practice, try Ratio Martian where kids simply learn to distinguish ratios from other types of numbers by feeding the ratios to the martian.

Spider Match


Spider Match helps children become more familiar with positive and negative whole numbers, also known as integers, which regularly make an appearance in algebra. They must eat positive and negative numbers that when added make the given integer. For example, if told to make -8, they could eat -6 and -2 or -15 and 7.

For more practice adding integers, try Orbit Integers where kids practice adding integers to help keep their spaceships flying.

Fraction Monkey

Fraction Monkey is an iOS app designed to help kids recognize fractions and begin to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, all an important part of algebra. Throughout the 40 different levels, kids launch cupcakes at the correct answers and build confidence in their skills.

For more practice with fractions, check out Snow Sprint, where kids must correctly multiply fractions to keep their snowmobiles in the lead.

In addition to these games, kids, parents, and teachers can also find more free algebra games, videos, and worksheets in Math Game Time’s algebra section. These resources will help kids build confidence in their basic math skills and start using some of the skills in the more complex scenarios required in algebra.

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