Teachers on Instagram – Top 10 Educators Using Instagram



Move over Twitter and Pinterest! More and more teachers are using Instagram to share information and connect with students, parents and other educators. From creatively announcing homework assignments to sharing classroom experiences and concepts through photographs, educators are finding unique ways to leverage Instagram. Below is a list of ten of the top teachers and educational institutions on Instagram.  We hope these Instagram accounts give you new ideas and inspiration to use in your own classroom or with your kids at home.

1. NEA Today

The National Education Association is on Instagram and uses images to inspire educators and cover some of the hottest topics in education. Many of NEA Today’s photos feature actual teachers holding signs with statements related to their teaching philosophy or their opinions on education issues in the news.

2. Teaching Special Thinkers

Connected to a blog of the same name, Teaching Special Thinkers is run by a special education teacher, Mrs. Dixon. A regular participant in #teachertalktuesday, Mrs. Dixon posts pictures related to multiple aspects of education, from piles of chalk and bulletin boards to creative activities she completes with her students and inspirational posters.

3. The Pinspired Teacher

A tech-savvy, fourth-grade teacher, the Pinspired Teacher is an active Instagram user. She encourages other teachers to get involved as well through challenges such as the Photo-a-Day Teacher Challenge (#PADTeacherChallenge), which provide teachers with a list of items to post every day for a month. Photos range from creative classroom activities and crafts, to humorous memes for teachers to enjoy.

Pinspired Teacher

4. Apples and ABC’s

The kindergarten teacher behind Apples and ABC’s loves finding and creating materials for teachers. She shares many of her creations on Instagram, and also shares fun photos that relate to her life as a teacher. With over 1,700 followers, numerous teachers are benefitting from this teacher’s creativity.

5. What the Teacher Wants

What the Teacher Wants is geared toward parents, teachers and anyone else who regularly works with kids. While some photos feature writing activities geared toward students in elementary school, many photos are simply designed to provide motivation, inspiration and general tips for those in the world of education.

What Teacher Wants

6. Tattooed Teacher Blog

Follow Mrs. Lamb’s journey as a teacher through Tattooed Teacher Blog. Her pictures showcase students working, fun school events and creative activities. Most are simply designed to showcase what it is like to be an elementary school teacher in 2013.

7. Seusstastic

The first grade teacher behind Seusstastic is all about bringing color and fun into the classroom. The self-described teachaholic regularly posts pictures of student work, creative art projects and images designed to boost teachers. She is also known for her reward coupons and other ideas designed to help motivate students.


8. A Differentiated Kindergarten

Marsha McGuire, a kindergarten teacher, provides a wide variety of unique teaching ideas through her Instagram profile called A Differentiated Kindergarten. Her photos cover what her students are actually doing in class, ensuring that all of the activities she posted can actually be carried out in the classroom. While many of the photos and activities are focused on kindergarten, other elementary school teachers may find inspiration from them as well.

9. 4mulafun

While all educators can benefit from following 4mulafun on Instagram, math and special education teachers will benefit the most. That’s because the photos are posted by a middle school math and special education teacher who regularly shares her insight, activities and general experiences as a teacher through her Instagram account.

10. The Unhelpful Teacher

Every teacher can benefit from a little humor every now and then. The Unhelpful Teacher posts humorous pictures featuring some of the funny and annoying things teachers say. The pictures are a good reminder that teachers are human too.

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