Tips for 5th Grade Success


It’s easy to help your 5th grader achieve success if you have a few basic ideas about how to stay on top of lessons and everyday tasks. It is important to keep open and frequent communication with your fifth grader. Being aware of what he or she is learning and what kind of homework is required is just the beginning of helping him or her rise to the top. You can help your 5th grader become successful with a few easy tips.

1.  Learn everywhere. Encourage learning with every activity you do – ask open-ended questions and encourage well-thought-out responses. Ask questions about what your student is learning in different subject areas, and encourage him or her to share homework topics and projects with you. Create an environment at home that is conducive to learning and studying; be sure that your student has a quiet place to work, proper lighting, and whatever resources are needed to perform at his or her best.

2.  Every day reading. Encourage reading and all kinds of learning in any way possible! Take your 5th grader to the library, set aside reading time at home, and encourage your student to read directions, recipes, lists, or whatever you have to read. Challenge your child to read a variety of books. Then talk about the plot, the characters, and other parts of the narrative to help assess learning and comprehension. Also, try some fun   word games online to help reading speeds!

3.  Every day math. Use mathematical language whenever you can, practice math facts and concepts at home, while waiting for the bus or even while setting the table for dinner.  During the summer, make sure your child keeps reading, practicing and engaging.  Make up your own math activities, encourage your student to play free math games online. You can even try an old style favorite video game with a twist, like Math Pac-man. Making math fun is a great way to engage your student in the learning process!

4.  Practice practice practice! Make every effort possible to ensure that your student is present and alert for the classroom lessons, especially for math class. New math concepts are introduced every day, and one lesson builds on the next. Help your student master the basic concepts before moving on to higher-level thinking content. Math games are a great way to practice and stay sharp!

5.  Open communication. Encourage your 5th grader to ask questions about what he or she is learning, and make sure that he or she understands mistakes before moving on to other topics. If needed, help your child find a study partner or friend who can help explain things better. And, be sure to keep communication open with your child’s teacher. It’s important for the teacher and parent to talk frequently about the student’s progress; everyone should be on the same page about the child’s skill level and ability to learn.

6.  Homework. Last but not least, when it comes to time for homework, make sure your student does all of the homework that’s been assigned. If he or she is struggling, make time to help. Homework is one of the best ways to practice concepts and master the material. Encourage your student to show his or her work and check the answers a second time.

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