Math Evolve – Educational App Review

Looking for a fun way to practice math facts? Math Evolve is an educational app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that helps students practice their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills within an engaging and action-packed game!  Math Evolve allows you to practice arithmetic while fighting challenging enemies on a quest to save the universe. The unique equation-building system combines math practice with classic arcade-style gameplay, allowing you to customize the difficulty of the  math and the video game independently.  Math Evolve is unlike any other math game we’ve seen in the App store and creates a true synergy between learning and play.

Math app for kids

Math Evolve also contains a ‘practice mode’ that is a powerful and flexible math training platform.  Practice mode is a fun and engaging way to practice math facts, without the added complexity of the game. Parents, teachers, and students can choose which operations and number ranges they want to develop, and the game will save valuable performance statistics on the student’s profile that can be used to help target further practice and enhance their learning.  Math Evolve is currently available now on the app store.
Preview Video: Math Evolve Video

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