Back To School Math Games

With school just around the corner Math Game Time has put together a list of some great “back to school” math games for students.  These games are a fun way to knock the summer rust off and help students prepare for the next grade level.  Here are our favorites for each grade:

Pre-K Math Game

More or Less – In this game, students must determine which group has the most or least number of objects in it and then select that group before time runs out.  This is a great counting and comparison game.

Kindergarten Math Game

Make 24 – In this card game, students use four cards and different arithmetic signs to create an equation that equals 24.  This is a great math game for students learning to add and subtract.

1st Grade Math Game

Jet Ski Addition – This is a fun racing game in which students quickly answer addition problems.  The quicker you correctly solve the equation the faster your jet ski moves.  Although summer is coming to an end, this game will make you feel you like you are still hanging at the beach.

2nd Grade Math Game

Sailboat Subtraction – In this game, students compete head to head with each other. Students must quickly answer subtraction problems to pull their opponent to their side.  The player that answers the most questions correctly will win this tug of war game.

3rh Grade Math Game

Alien Addition – In this blaster game, students must solve the addition problem and then user the laser cannon to destroy the corresponding alien spaceship.  Hits and misses are recorded to keep track of accuracy.

4th Grade Math Game

Demolition Division – In this division game, students use a blaster to destroy approaching tanks.  Each tank has a division equation on it and students must correctly solve the problem before firing away.

5th Grade Math Game

Penguin Jump – In this math game, students must answer the multiplication equation correctly and then jump to the iceberg with the corresponding answer on it.  Students must answer as quickly as possible because this is a race against other penguins trying to reach land.

6th Grade Math Game

Water Jars – In this problem solving game, students must measure out the correct amount of water using just two jars.  This might sound simple but this is a difficult puzzle game that will really make you think.

7th Grade Math Game

Dirt Bike Proportions – This game teaches students about proportions.  Students must solve for the variable to make the two proportions equal.  With each correct answer the dirt bike will get a blast of speed.  In this game students race against 3 other dirt bikes.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and good luck with the new school year!  Be sure to come back to Math Game Time regularly as we are always adding new math games, videos, worksheets and other learning resources.

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