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16 All-Star Math Games for Kids

Are you looking for math games designed to spark kids’ interests? If they’re sports fans, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the most extreme math games for kids who love sports. Whether they’re fans of football, … Continue reading

Top 6th Grade Math Games

In sixth grade, most students have an understanding of basic mathematical concepts and begin learning about more advanced concepts, such as solving equations with variables, understanding ratios and proportions, and working with negative numbers. Students may also encounter problems that … Continue reading

How to Use Pac Man to Teach Math

We bet you’ve spent hours guiding Pac Man around the screen on your computer or at your local arcade, but have you ever considered using Pac Man to help teach math? The classic arcade game actually lends itself well to concepts … Continue reading

The 20 Most Awesome Math Games for Fourth Grade

By fourth grade, kids have mastered the basics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and are ready to move on to more complex skills. They start to learn about division, factoring, fractions, and decimals. In geometry, students start to understand the … Continue reading

9 Games to Teach Multiplication in Third Grade

While rote learning and memorization are generally frowned upon in today’s world of math education, when it comes to helping kids learn multiplication, sometimes those repetitive practice methods are exactly what’s needed.  Taking timed multiplication quizzes and playing multiplication games … Continue reading

Tips for 5th Grade Success

  It’s easy to help your 5th grader achieve success if you have a few basic ideas about how to stay on top of lessons and everyday tasks. It is important to keep open and frequent communication with your fifth … Continue reading