Fundamentals of 1st Grade Math

When kids enter 1st grade, they have basic understanding of math, particularly when it comes to addition and subtraction. What they don’t know at the beginning of 1st grade is that their math skills are about to reach a whole … Continue reading

An Easy Way to Demonstrate You Can’t Divide by Zero

The inability to divide by zero has been perplexing kids for decades. While the concept makes sense to adults, it proves more difficult for kids to understand. However, as kids begin to understand the concept of division as a whole, … Continue reading

Math Tips for Parents

For years, parents have seen their children struggle with math. Parents have watched their offspring spend hours trying to solve confusing word problems or even shed tears over frustrating equations. Math may come easily to some kids, but for many, … Continue reading

6 Awesome Math Toys for Your Child

How does your child view math? Is it boring and frustrating? If so, it’s time to introduce some math toys into the equation. Learning math doesn’t require solving boring equations and mastering frustrating problems. Instead, bring in some hands-on play … Continue reading

Christmas Math Games & Activities

Christmas Light Patterns It’s Winter break! School is out! Time for hot chocolate, relaxation and family sharing. Yet the holidays don’t necessarily have to be a complete break from learning and growing. They can be a great opportunity to use … Continue reading

Homeschooling and the Common Core

In the world of education, the Common Core State Standards dominate the conversation. Homeschoolers have also begun to talk about the Common Core, but instead of discussing how to implement the standards, the conversation centers around whether homeschooling families should … Continue reading

3rd Grade Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the 3rd grade! Third grade marks a time where students have more expected from them at school and their cognitive abilities are taking huge leaps forward. From beginning to compose short essays to learning how to write in … Continue reading

Teachers on Instagram – Top 10 Educators Using Instagram

  Move over Twitter and Pinterest! More and more teachers are using Instagram to share information and connect with students, parents and other educators. From creatively announcing homework assignments to sharing classroom experiences and concepts through photographs, educators are finding … Continue reading

8 Ways Teachers Use Twitter

Twitter users may be limited to 140 characters when they tweet, but that does not limit teachers’ use of the social networking platform or the impact of their tweets. Today, teachers are tweeting more than ever. While some are simply … Continue reading

Helping Children Learn

Children can enhance their learning experiences through a variety of helpful methods.  Kids are introduced to many concepts every day, but only a few of them actually stick. Conditions such as a lack of sleep, being distracted or trying to … Continue reading