10 Awesome Apps for Teaching Fractions

10 Awesome Apps for Teaching Fractions

When it comes to sharing a cookie, kids have no trouble making both parts equal. (Well, when they want to share that is! But that is a separate blog post). They simply divide the cookie in half. Ta-da! But do they know they just made a fraction? When it comes to create equal halves in fractions, it is not always that easy to understand nor do. From distinguishing the numerator from the denominator to converting mixed numbers and decades, fractions can cause headaches…no matter the grade level! To help make learning fractions easier, we have rounded together the best apps for teaching fractions. This collection of free and paid apps contains apps for both introducing fractions in the early grades and providing resources for when the fractions become more complicated in upper levels.

Free Fractions Apps

Fraction Basics covers the basics of fractions in a series of video-based lessons. While it does not offer tons of practice opportunities, it is a great app for helping reinforce kids’ knowledge of fractions.

Pizza Fractions combines fractions with one of kids’ favorite foods. (Math and pizza-What could be better!?) With Pizza Fractions kids will enjoy increasing their score as they race to solve fraction-based problems in a short amount of time.

Zap Zap Fractions takes kids to outer space to teach them about fractions. They will find short and interactive lessons to introduce them to the concept of fractions. They will also find many opportunities to practice what they have learned. The more problems they solve correctly, the more asteroids kids will destroy.

Fractions by Brainingcamp has a little bit of everything pertaining to fractions. It features narrated lessons, opportunities for hands-on practice with virtual manipulatives and problems to put kids’ knowledge of fractions to the test. It is a great introduction to the concept of fractions.

Virtual Manipulatives! This is an app consisting of a virtual set of fraction bars that kids can manipulate in many different ways. The app does not include lessons nor problems to solve. Instead, it serves as a fun tool for teachers and parents to utilize when teaching their kids about fractions.

Paid Fractions Apps

Fruity Fractions combines different levels of fraction practice. The app contains introduction levels as well as advanced fraction practice. As they solve problems correctly, they unlock more of a story involving Quip, a funny bird, and a variety of tropical fruits.

Slice Fractions is an award-winning fractions app that contains fractions as part of its fun puzzle games. Kids are given the opportunity to slice a whole host of objects to building their knowledge of fractions, from pizza to lava!

Quick Fractions is a quality app with four modes of play (equivalence, compare, addition & subtraction, and multiplication & division) to help kids fully understand how to use fractions. The game also tracks their progress so kids can set goals and see how much they improve as they play.

Motion Math: Fractions has kids compare fractions, place them on a number line and learn to recognize them in a variety of different forms. It includes three different levels, with the advanced levels tackling advanced concepts such as improper fractions and negative decimals.

4 Dice bills itself as a 21st century fractions game. This unique game uses dice to make fractions, allowing kids to come up with as many fractions as they can using the dice they have. The game can be played both solo and cooperatively with up to five other players. Progress reports are also available.

We hope you and your child find this list as helpful as we do. Happy downloading!

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