Top 20 Teacher Blogs

A quick Google search and you can find millions of blogs from teachers, about teachers, and for teachers. You can find content on every grade level along with links to teaching resources, educator blogs, printable worksheets, news and updates about the field of education, lists of the best children’s books, and so much more. These blogs can be a great resource for teachers.

But how do you wade through the myriad of educational content and possibly know which blogs to follow? It’s simple. Find the blogs that speak to you. A quick look at a homepage will help you decide if it’s a blog worth exploring further. Maybe it jives with your philosophy on teaching or parenting, maybe it’s got a clever activity that you’d like to try, or maybe it just looks interesting and you want to learn more. Regardless of what sparks your interest, you have a choice – you can keep reading, browse the previous blogs, scan the contents, or sit down with your cup of coffee and immerse yourself completely.


You might not end up finding any usable content (though, you probably will), or you might find that the blogger is full of nonsense. If nothing else, perhaps the blog, or the blogger, has inspired you in one way or another. Teachers are filled with information, and blogging is one highly-efficient way to share it. Most blogs contain tons of links to resources and other blogs, learning materials, and simple printable worksheets. Some blogs have a unique angle that gives the reader a little more to explore.

Here are some high quality and meaningful blogs with a variety of content – to get you started:

1. Teaching Blog Central – Serving as the blog umbrella, this site contains links to blogs by grade level and subject matter from Kindergarten through high school. Content includes a variety of learning resources for teachers at all levels, like storybooks, links to freebies, classroom ideas, lesson suggestions, links to other educators who blog about a specific grade level, and math worksheets.

2. Teaching Blog Addict – This blog is set up as a fun online community for educators, as a place to share new tools, techniques, ways to stay organized, cross-curricular lesson ideas, links to other cool blogs, samples, and lots more.

3. Homeschool Math Blog – A great blog for the homeschooler, this content is designed with standards-based challenges, puzzles, games, links for specific concepts (like odds/evens, addition strategies), explanations of the theory behind the math, links to help board forums for math questions, links to blogs, and free worksheets.

4. Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog – Blogging gone personal – this blog is an example of a first grade classroom and how the teacher has encouraged students to use technology to share information. The site includes lessons, pictures, examples of how to use technology, student questions, stories, and art, and video blogs from students.

5. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages – This is a fun blog for teachers who want to escape the classroom for a moment and read a teacher’s musings about the reality of teaching, these are interesting, well-written stories about the day-to-day life of a teacher, with links to the author’s favorite blogs and children’s books you might like.

6. Scholastic Teacher to Teacher Blogs – Designed to connect teachers with subject matter experts, this site posts strategies for learning across the curriculum and across grade levels. Specializing in thematic units with a cross-curricular focus, the site contains pictures and meaningful learning ideas.

7. Regurgitated Alpha Bits – Take a break from the curriculum monotony with a humorous look at the teaching profession – reality on the front lines and making it work every day.

8. Hooda Math -  For the techno teacher, this site’s got flash games divided into quick-find categories, links to iPad/iPod game apps, tutorials, worksheets, and math movies.

9. Cool Cat Teacher – Tap into some author/educator blogs about teaching experiences, links to the author’s books, lesson ideas, daily news, updates on education related technology, and global issues related to the field of education.

10. I Speak Math – Square roots and Cheez-its – just one example of how this blogger makes learning fun. The site includes excellent ideas about how to teach language and math together, with examples, pictures of learning tools, and math station content.

11. Let’s Play Math! -  A homeschooling mom passes on her ideas about teaching concepts effectively with a fun approach. She includes a bookshelf of teaching materials for math with the underlying belief that math is like ice cream, with more flavors than you can imagine.

12. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day - This blogger highlights different educational websites every day. Websites cover a range of subjects. Each day usually follows a theme, such as current events or STEM concepts.

13. Mango Math – Built to nourish the young mind with a female approach to math, this blog is designed to help build math confidence with innovative activities for young learners, links to resources, and math crates (comprehensive learning kits).

14. Mrs. Miller’s Students Talking Math – A blog with rubric-based math challenges, links to standards, math projects with multiple steps and components, and more. It is everything math.

15. Musings Of A Math Teacher -  More than just musings, this blog has contests, quotes, special math concepts, games, and clever ways to use math (like mixing math with poetry), With a recent focus on mental math, blogs are interesting and informative.

16. Teaching Math – It’s all about discovering and exploring math concepts through natural inspiration and daily events. This blogger gives examples of how to incorporate math into games, worksheets, and challenges, including practice quiz questions to assess mastery of concepts.

17. Ladybug’s Teacher Files – This elementary math blogger brings the reader printable worksheets, tutorials, a library of files and print materials that can be used to teach math, as well as a variety of other subjects.

18. Teacher Tom – Donning a superman cape, this silly preschool teacher blogs about the social and emotional aspects of teaching with an overarching belief in the whole learning-is-fun mentality. Capitalizing on the teachable moments of everyday life for preschool children, he focuses on what’s really important – enjoying the process of learning.

19. Keeping Kids First – For your latest updates on daily educator news, events, newest technologies, seminars, conferences, groups, and other ways to network, this blog provides all the information teachers might need to interact and inspire one another.

20. Oceans of 1st Grade Fun – Fractions with caterpillars, pizza, and pop rocks? Just a few fun, interactive ideas on how to transfer key math concepts to students. Pair that up with content like links to literature, links to freebies, pictures, math work stations, and the book of the day, and you’ve got a pretty cool blog.

Happy blog reading!  Please leave comments and let us know about other great teacher blogs.

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