Fun Word Problems for Every Grade Level

Word problems help kids combine their math and reading skills and apply them to new scenarios. They also build critical thinking and problem solving skills because they require kids to figure out what the problem is asking them to do … Continue reading

Teaching Kids to Use a Multiplication Table

Multiplication is one of the basic building blocks of mathematics. Kids who fail to learn their times tables will find other concepts in math, such as division and algebra, extremely difficult. Most kids will quickly learn to use a multiplication … Continue reading

Comparing Numbers: The Alligator Trick

Comparing Numbers: The Alligator Trick Kids learn to count in order, but understanding which number is the biggest or smallest in a pair often proves trickier. Throw in the confusing greater than (>) or less than (<) signs and their … Continue reading

Popular Algebra Games

Algebra involves using math to help solve equations and find the value of variables. For kids to master algebra, they must have the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division down pat. They must also confidently work with fractions, ratios, … Continue reading

How to Make Math Less Intimidating for Children

Mathematical anxiety consumes a significant number of children – and even some adults. For many, math may not cause extreme anxiety, but all of the numbers, symbols, and problems can seem extremely intimidating. When children find math intimidating, they often … Continue reading

The Trick to Simplifying Expressions with Exponents

Exponents. While designed to make expressions easier to read and understand, they often cause more confusion for kids. To make matters worse, when they first learn about exponents, teachers don’t expect kids to actually solve expressions with exponents, they just … Continue reading

Fundamentals of 1st Grade Math

When kids enter 1st grade, they have basic understanding of math, particularly when it comes to addition and subtraction. What they don’t know at the beginning of 1st grade is that their math skills are about to reach a whole … Continue reading

An Easy Way to Demonstrate You Can’t Divide by Zero

The inability to divide by zero has been perplexing kids for decades. While the concept makes sense to adults, it proves more difficult for kids to understand. However, as kids begin to understand the concept of division as a whole, … Continue reading

Math Tips for Parents

For years, parents have seen their children struggle with math. Parents have watched their offspring spend hours trying to solve confusing word problems or even shed tears over frustrating equations. Math may come easily to some kids, but for many, … Continue reading

6 Awesome Math Toys for Your Child

How does your child view math? Is it boring and frustrating? If so, it’s time to introduce some math toys into the equation. Learning math doesn’t require solving boring equations and mastering frustrating problems. Instead, bring in some hands-on play … Continue reading